Saturday, April 23, 2011

All In A Days Work - Sometimes It Just Needs To Get Done The Same Day.

One of the things we have found in working at apartment communities in the Sacramento area is that you don't always get the luxury of finishing on the second day. Sometimes it is because there is a "move-in" tomorrow, or the storm is coming. Usually it is because a situation comes up unexpectantly which requires immediate attention, and the repair has opened up the unit to the outside.

For example, we discovered this while rebuilding a deck in a Sacramento apartment community. The upstairs deck, which serviced two upstairs units, needed to be demolitioned and rebuilt with new material the same day. The tenants had no way of getting to their unit until the job was completed.

How's that for pressure? Nobody is happy if they come home and can't get in their own home. But it gets done, we enjoy the challange.


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