Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exterior Dry Rot In Upper Redwood Deck And Framing

The underside of a deck can tell you about the condition of your deck boards. If the deck framing is rotting, chances are the deck is bad also. Most owners have no idea how bad the moisture problem has gotten until the deck has failed. If the decking is soft to the foot, there is a danger of "stepping through" the wood.

The advantage of a second story deck is that you can easily see the underside framing members. The deck in the pictures shows how dry rot has destroyed the structural strength of the deck. It was removed and replaced before the new decking was installed.

If you are unsure about the condition of your deck, ask a qualified general contractor in your area to help evaluate the condition. Most contractors will do this free of charge.

Placerville general contractor working in Sacramento, Ca

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Completely Rotted Wood Posts, and Framing in Sacramento, Ca

Saw this wood framed patio wall that is covered with vinyl siding today. The siding no longer has anything to hold it up because of moisture, and water damage. The Sacramento property is in need of repair, the problem will only get worse. Often times the vinyl siding hides any dry rot or water damage until it is too late. The vinyl siding will last forever, it takes something like this before the moisture problem can be seen.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wood Siding Repair In Sacramento

If you think that you have dry rot on the exterior wood siding and trim of your property, chances are you probably do! But how do you know for sure?

You don't have to be an expert to see that the wood on the building has areas that is soft or discolored. Touch it with your hand, is it soft to the touch? Good wood trim and siding should be as solid as the original product. If the wood is soft then the decay has begun to destroy the wood.

Are there areas on the exterior of the building that have changed colors over time? This change in color can be an early warning sign to future problems and should be looked at to find the cause of the change. The wood may not be rotting yet but will likely begin soon. The discolored wood is getting moisture behind it, from a roof leak, plumbing pipe leak or some source of water that should not be there.

Luckily, these problem areas can be repaired and precautions taken to help prevent this sort of thing from happening again in the future. The problem never gets better, only worse, so doing something now is important. If you are capable, do the repairs yourself. If not, contact someone who knows how to make these repairs. Early correction of these areas can save your property from extensive repairs in the future.