Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Demolition of Dry Rot Balcony in Cameron Park

Dry rot repairs have been started by Tromler Construction at this Cameron Park apartment unit. The demolition of water damaged materials led to the complete removal of the entire lightweight concrete balcony.

This is a picture of the bottom of the balcony. You can see how the wood has rotted and is falling down. This sort of water damage has made the concrete decking unsafe. To get to the wood framing damage the concrete slab must be removed.

Here is a view from the top unit looking down into the hole at the start of demolition. Without any wood support the concrete easily crumbled to the ground.

For safety reasons, must of the work was done from a ladder. Dry rot had reach the 4x12 header, the main support for the outdoor structure. This water damaged board is schedule to be removed, temporary bracing will be used to salvage the upstairs railing. Tromler Construction specializes in wtaer and dry rot repairs.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dry Rot Found Under Concrete Patio in Cameron Park

Typical second story concrete deck where dry rot was discovered. Dry rot was found to exist in the sheathing and framing members. Here is a picture of a typical apartment balcony. Water has damaged the wood members and made the concrete decking unsafe to use. Repairs are schedule to begin tomorrow. Property is located in Cameron Park, CA