Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sacramento Dry Rot Repair To Siding By Placerville Contractor

"I think we may have a dry rot problem on the side of the building".

These were the words the property manager used to discribe this area of dry rot damage. Walking around the side of the apartment unit, I could see this and knew she was right. What do you think?

The siding and trim boards were moist and crumbling to the touch, something needs to be done to correct the rotting wood siding. As a general contractor who is called to look at and repair these sort of things, it is important to note that just repairing the damage is not enough. If the contractor only repairs the damage, this dry rot repair will have to be done again in a few years.

Looking at the water damage picture above, you can see several factors in the dry rot problem. First, water is probably spraying on the siding from the irrigation sprinkler right in front of the siding wall - this should be checked and corrected. Second, the dirt in the area is too high. Moisture in the wet soil against the wall is like putting the siding in water for long periods of time. Grading the soil away from this area will help future water damage from occurring.

Regular inspections are very important in the maintenance of your property. Perhaps this water damage could have been minimized with early detection. Check for water and dry rot damage regularly, or have someone do it for you. Address the cause of the problem first, then fix the damage.

Sacramento, Ca