Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strengthening A Sagging Bathroom Floor

Every once in a while, being a general contractor can be a challenge. Today was one of those days. Driving to Sacramento this morning not really knowing what to expect; only that the bathroom floor was soft and there are no wood supports to hold the floor up. What? That's right no wood framing holding up the floor. Just a building made with prefabricated honeycomb construction slabs. So when there is water damage to this construction system, there really isn't any charted course of action. I guess no other contractors in Sacramento were willing to do this job. This was today's challenge.

Here is the honeycomb system cut out at the tub. The honeycomb is sandwiched by a layer of fiberglass - top and bottom. It floats over the ceiling system below. I know, you think I'm nuts but that is what we dealt with in this Sacramento building today.

This is view of the bathroom project from the door leading into the bathroom. The debris is resting on a thin layer of woven fiberglass approximately 1/8" think. Too soft to walk on, we ran a plank from the door opening to the tub to work on the water damaged room. The other challenge that we faced today was time.

This water damaged bathroom was in a one bathroom, occupied unit. The demolition and reconstruction had to be done in a single day. Otherwise, the tenant would have to be relocated somewhere else. This is costly to the owners, and an inconvenience to the residents. We really enjoy the fact that property owners have faith in Tromler Construction being able to complete this project within the time line, while producing a solid flooring system for years to come.

If you have a project in the Sacramento region, and need some advice - Give us a call. Whether the project is water damage related, or just an ordinary building repair project; we would be more than happy to give you some advice.

Good luck on all your projects!

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