Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Repairing dry rot damaged patio by Tromler Construction

Decking materials were removed; concrete, sheathing, joists, and header. All material removed was damaged and considered dangerous if built upon. Water had damaged this wood over a 20 year period. The damage started from a small crack in the lightweight concrete, the tar waterproofing membrane had failed, the moisture slowly destroyed the wood under the deck.

Temporary supports were needed to hold the rails up during the rebuilding of the decking. Here the 4x12 header and fascia boards have already been installed. The support bracing remained in place until the completion of the framing by Tromler Construction.

Joists and sheathing installed. This is a shot from under the deck, from the apartment below. Siding will be installed over the joists to close up the underside of the deck. This deck is located in Cameron Park.
New hot mop waterproof membrane will be installed and a new concrete slab poured tomorrow by Tromler Construction.


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  2. You have a very good construction going on here! My grand dad was a timber and I was with him at work a lot and saw a lot of this. But there was a fire in fort worth that took it all. Too sad :(